Seminar on International Narrative and a Community with a... 2022-03-21
CIs of CUPL Celebrate the Winter Olympics and the Chinese... 2022-03-15
Chinese Teachers from the Confucius Institute at the Univ... 2022-01-12
CI at UB Convenes the Ninth Board Meeting in CUPL 2021-11-19
Chinese Embassy in Romania Sends Holiday Greetings to CI ... 2021-10-04
CI at Bangor Celebrates the Chinese Spring Festival Onlin... 2021-03-15
CUPL Opens Chinese Law Course in Caribbean 2021-03-14
CI at Bucharest Celebrates the Chinese Spring Festival On... 2021-03-08
MOE Approves Three Chinese Language Education Programs by... 2020-12-29
CI at Bucharest Organized HSK Test Online 2020-12-22
Online Chinese Corner Held by CI at Barbados 2020-12-09
Confucius Institute in Barbados Offers Free Online Course... 2020-12-01
CI at Barbados Donates Books to The National Library of B... 2020-11-18
Norwegian team participate in the 12th Chinese Bridge Chi... 2019-11-08
Professor Luminita Balan--Foreign Co-Director of the Conf... 2019-10-16
CUPL Holds the 7th Board Meeting of the Confucius institu... 2019-10-16
CI at Barbados Participates in the 70th Anniversary of th... 2019-10-14
CI at Bucharest Participatesin the Reception for the 70th... 2019-10-10
CI at Bucharest Successfully Held the 2019 Summer Camp in... 2019-09-19
CI at Bangor Successfully Holds the 35th Chu Cai Chinese ... 2019-09-19
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